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Sunday, November 21, 2010

BugAware 7.5

A new version of BugAware will be released shortly !

The new version offers significant performance improvements, some of which have already been deployed to our hosted version.

New Features Include:

Company Logos - upload your logo to further brand your BugAware instance

Anonymous Customer Portal - you can now optionally display your BugAware tasks on a public url with no authentication required. Non users can also create tasks via this new interface. This is a great feature for software development companies with public betas, or external clients who wish to submit issues though do not require a BugAware account.

New, Simplified and affordable licensing

We are proud to announce that BugAware pricing has been significantly reduced.

You can now purchase a 10 user hosted annual license for only $295, and a full enterprise license (unlimited users) is now only $595!

We also still offer a locally deployed option for only $795.

We have decided to remove the free 5 user account option due to these changes, however new clients can still trial BugAware for free for 30 days with no limitations.


Friday, October 23, 2009

BugAware Video Tours

I'm pleased to announce that we now have 8 videos online showcasing BugAware's features. Some advanced features such as email processing and support queues have also been included.

The videos have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed here

Friday, October 16, 2009

Enterprise pricing - now available

We have recently introduced Enterprise pricing for both the hosted and locally deployed version of BugAware. The new pricing significantly reduces the price of BugAware for organizations with a large number of users. You can now purchase BugAware for your entire organization (unlimited users) for only $2,160 hosted, or $2,375 locally installed.


Remember, BugAware can be used for a wide number of implementations across your organization and is extremely effective for general team management and issue tracking as well as tracking development tasks and bugs.

BugAware Multi-Lingual

BugAware stores all phrases, headings and messages in its database which means different languages can be uploaded and displayed in the user interface. Currently BugAware supports English, Danish, French and more recently simplified Chinese.

It's also very easy to load additional languages. If you would like to translate bugaware into a language that is not currently supported, simply contact us for the language template, translate the English phrases and we'll upload the translation for you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

BugAware 7.0 released !

BugAware 7.0 has been released and is now available.

Our SAAS instance has been automatically upgraded, and hosted clients can start using the new features immediately.

Highlights of the release include;

Broadcast Message
Administrators can now broadcast a message to all of their users via the My Tasks Homepage.
The Broadcast Message can be set from the Administration -> Configuration menu.

Linked Tasks
Tasks that are linked can now easily be accessed from Task lists and Search results. Simply click on the [+] icon to expand the list of linked tasks and you can navigate to them directly.

Custom List Sorting
Custom lists can now be sorted manually from the Custom Fields screen. Just click on the arrows next to the value in the list to change its sequence in the sort order.

Email Send Method
Installed clients can now toggle between email send methods (SMTP, Pickup).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BugAware Economic Stimulus Package

The Global Financial Crisis "GFC" has created chaos for businesses world wide. We are indeed in crazy economic times, and in the spirit of madness - we have decided to give BugAware away for free !

BugAware is now completely free to Non-Profit Organisations to download and use for non commercial purposes. Educational Instituations are also entitled to a free version for Academic / Educational purposes.

We are also providing a free 5 user hosted license to commercial organisations !

We hope you enjoy using BugAware, and we look forward to your feedback and the continued development of this now free bug tracking software.