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Friday, October 23, 2009

BugAware Video Tours

I'm pleased to announce that we now have 8 videos online showcasing BugAware's features. Some advanced features such as email processing and support queues have also been included.

The videos have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed here

Friday, October 16, 2009

Enterprise pricing - now available

We have recently introduced Enterprise pricing for both the hosted and locally deployed version of BugAware. The new pricing significantly reduces the price of BugAware for organizations with a large number of users. You can now purchase BugAware for your entire organization (unlimited users) for only $2,160 hosted, or $2,375 locally installed.


Remember, BugAware can be used for a wide number of implementations across your organization and is extremely effective for general team management and issue tracking as well as tracking development tasks and bugs.

BugAware Multi-Lingual

BugAware stores all phrases, headings and messages in its database which means different languages can be uploaded and displayed in the user interface. Currently BugAware supports English, Danish, French and more recently simplified Chinese.

It's also very easy to load additional languages. If you would like to translate bugaware into a language that is not currently supported, simply contact us for the language template, translate the English phrases and we'll upload the translation for you!